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Beauty is all around us, in the every day moments of life, the beautiful people that surround us, the raw un-edited wonder of this earth and the big beautiful moments that take our breath away.

Let’s capture it in



Introducing a brand-new camera strap designed by women for women – Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID. With its innovative functionality, maximum comfort and unique style this strap will change the way you photograph life.

Your camera should be an extension of you, not an annoyance to carry. Your camera gear should add to your creative energy – not inhibit it. Taking its cue from the way women have been carrying their babies for centuries, Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID takes the pressure points away from your neck and shoulders by “hugging” your shoulder to evenly distribute the weight. Allowing you to have full mobility and making your camera feel virtually weightless. Shoot for hours without feeling fatigue, discomfort or pain!

The strap is reversible – black on one side, black and white pattern on the other – business and party in one unique design. The shoulder strap has two pockets for lens caps and two zippered pockets for memory cards, batteries and whatever other small accessories you want to keep close. The strap has a release trigger snap hook that locks in place when hooked to the 1/4″ screw that attaches securely to the bottom of your camera. And the strap adjusts to up to 63” in total length, ensuring a perfect fit for any body type.

Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID – #LiveTheMoment in Comfort and Style!


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What’s in the camera bag?

I get asked a lot what equipment I use and what is the best for them to buy. I have unpacked my camera bag for you and have put it all in one easy spot to find.
Here are my affiliate links to all my favorite cameras, lenses and gadgets that I currently own, use and LOVE!
The Canon Rebel T6i Bundle

This bundle right here is PERFECT for the entry level photography enthusiast. My first camera, over 18 years ago, was a film Canon Rebel and I have loved Canon ever since. There is very minimal learning curve and most all canon lenses will fit on most all canon bodies. Unlike other camera companies – Canon makes it easy to interchange your equipment without having to buy all new lenses with each new camera body you purchase.

The Nifty Fifty

Although your camera might have come with some decent lenses they are more than likely just the entry level kit lenses that really hit a glass wall when it comes to quality and versatility. This Canon 50mm 1.8 or “The Nifty Fifty” is always my next recommendation for those that want to go the next level with their photography. Perfect for the ones that want to start shooting to sell. It has a nice low aperture – at 1.8 you are getting a really nice blurry backgrounds for portraits and is perfect for shooting in low light situations. It is not a zoom lens so you’ll have to get used to moving closer or farther to get the right composition but the added image quality and depth of field makes it all worth it! Plus, who doesn’t need a little extra exercise. 😉

Tamron 24-70mm 2.8

The next lens that I invested in was the Canon 24-70mm 2.8. This lens is just a wonderful all purpose lens. Usually the one I take with me on trips because it can zoom in tight while also having a wider range at 24mm. I have used it to shoot weddings, families, scenery, indoor shots and just everyday life shots. This lens has a fixed aperture throughout it’s zoom, unlike the kit lenses that fluctuate the aperture as you zoom in and out. That gets really annoying when you are shooting in manual. Overall, one of my favorite lenses. Personally I own the Canon L-Series 24-70mm 2.8 – you can find that one HERE.  I listed this one because Tamron is a great company and if your looking to save some dollars, a great alternative.

Tamron 70-200 2.8

This lens is a beefy one! But it’s wonderful for shooting weddings, scenery and pretty much anything that you can’t be close to but want to zoom in tight to capture, like shooting sports from the side lines or shooting wildlife.  This one is a lens you might not carry around with you often but when it’s needed it’s so nice to have. This has a nice long focal range of 200 max and 70 minimum. So it will not be good for tight spaces or to shoot bigger groups. But when out and about and needing a longer zoom range, this one is a must! I own this exact lens – the Tamron brand is nice to go with if your looking for a less expensive alternative to the L-Series Canon lenses, especially if it’s a lens you won’t use often.

The 85mm 1.2

Ahhhh the 85mm 1.2…. there is nothing quite like this lens. This was my greatest investment when it came to lenses and it was so worth every penny. I waited a couple years until I purchased this baby – since you pretty much have to sell your right lung to afford this bad boy. But I knew it’s what I wanted and what would ultimately give me the quality I was looking for as a high end photographer.  This 1.2 aperture is unreal!! I can focus in on just the eye ball and everything else is out of focus… it gives you such a gorgeously shallow depth of field. The color saturation and overall quality of the image is uncomparable to any other lens I own. If you are a portrait photographer – this lens is such a beauty. Hands down my favorite lens! If your a little hesitant to purchase I would suggest trying it out at any of your local photography shops. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

The Libby Kelly Moore Bag

This bag is my large camera bag that I have used for the last few years. It really has held up well. This is usually the bag that I use to bring with me on my shoots and when traveling in the airplane – but only if I am bringing a roller bag that I can set it on – it’s too heavy to carry through an airport.  It has a nice attachment to be able to slide over a roller bag. This has a bunch of little pockets and interchangeable inserts that are convenient when re configuring the compartments when I want to bring larger lenses. Overall, really nice bag!



In keeping with our heart to encourage, equip and empower. Studio Elliott has partnered with Messenger International, an organization founded by John and Lisa Bevere, to rescue Women from poverty, sex trafficking and bondage.  Our hope is that we can help to give them a new “Style” – to understand their worth in Christ, to equip them with skills to make a living and ultimately give them hope to believe there is greatness inside of them.

A portion of every Purchase from Studio Elliott goes to the fight against Human Trafficking.


 According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children. HALF are children! This stirs up a righteous anger inside of me and is the reason why I have decided to partner with Messenger International. A portion of all Elliott Essentials sales go towards the fight against Human Trafficking. 

Freedom from Trafficking connects individuals with onsite organizations in and around Southeast Asia. With your support, we have the opportunity to see rescue and restoration in an area where thousands of women and children have been exploited.

Your partnership with this project goes directly to combating human trafficking. These efforts include the funding of: raids, covert gear, ongoing operations, aftercare provision, and awareness efforts. To find out more or to give to this cause check out their web site.