Hello world! Meet Nicole Elliott

encourage . equip . empower Nicole Elliott is an award winning Professional Photographer and Published Speaker. Her unique, artistic and bold work has been nationally recognized and has been published Worldwide by Disney’s Babble and best selling  photography book series “Your Family in Pictures”; as well [...]

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Studio Elliott with a cause to believe in.

A CAUSE TO BELIEVE IN Since I have 4 small girls my heart breaks for the children, teenagers and women that are sold into Sex Trafficking.  According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% [...]

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Warrior Women – Nicole’s Heritage

I come from a long line of Warrior Women. I had the amazing privilege of sitting down with my grandmother not too long ago. I had always heard the stories but wanted them written down. We started from the day she was born in 1922, [...]

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The All NEW Elliott Essentials Camera Strap

style: \ˈstī(-ə)l\ the quality that makes things attractive;  beauty, grace, or uninhibited manner or technique  REDEFINING {STYLE} It’s more than just what you put on – it’s a belief. Shoot Beautifully  .  Shoot Gracefully .  Shoot Uninhibited  .  Shoot in Style What’s your Style? The Elliott [...]

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