style: \ˈstī(-ə)l\

the quality that makes things attractive;  beauty, grace, or uninhibited manner or technique


It’s more than just what you put on – it’s a belief.

Shoot Beautifully  .  Shoot Gracefully .  Shoot Uninhibited  .  Shoot in Style

What’s your Style?

The Elliott Essentials Camera Strap is the first product in the Elliott Essentials line – Camera Accessories designed with comfort, function and Style in mind.

“I am a busy mom of four little girls. I want camera equipment that is comfortable, functional and stylish. The Elliott Essentials Camera Strap solves all the annoying little dilemmas I have encountered in the last 19 years of being strapped to a camera.  Whether shooting a wedding for 12 hours, walking down the cobblestone streets of San Juan, hiking through the wet Amazon Rainforest, climbing the tops of volcano’s in Ecuador or just shooting my kids in the back yard – I’ve photographed it all. I have created the perfect all in one, interchangeable, sleek and functional camera strap that brings the joy, ease and comfort back into photography. “

-nicole elliott

The Elliott Essentials Camera Strap stands for Beauty, Comfort, Empowerment and {STYLE} Shoot the world hassle free and in comfort and beauty – not only by what you are wearing but by the cause you are supporting. All women can feel the Beauty, Comfort, Empowerment and {STYLE} – one step at a time – one strap at a time.